Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sustainable Teeth and Dentists Prices


Extraction or Extortion

People are Avoiding the Dentist due to the Cost

Recent articles in several newspapers are saying that fewer and fewer people are going regularly to the dentist. Some dentists are finding it tough going with reduced customers.

To be perfectly honest, I have been avoiding the dentists also and for the same reason - they are too expensive in Ireland.

Ireland Spain comparison

In, according to an Internet price guide,  Seville Bami Dental clinic offer fillings from €45, and in Madrid Smilelife Clinic offer fillings from €50.

A Waterford dental clinic, one of the cheaper in Ireland, charges €70 for a simple filling, while a Galway clinic is looking for a whacking great €130 for a filling.

Irish Dental Prices 70% to 160% dearer than Spain

The cheaper Irish price is 70% dearer than the cheapest Spanish price - while the dearest Irish price is over 160% dearer than the dearer Spanish price

How Irish Dentists can bring in customers

Dear Irish dentists please cop yourselves on, by simply charging Spanish prices, you will increase your customer base substantially, and at the same time you will be performing a service to the nation, and earning lots of brownie points too.


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