Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Smokeless Coal Prices Ireland


Really Good Prices
Smokeless Coals
Irish Midlands

Good news for solid fuel stove users in the Irish midlands. Farrells Fuels, Lanesboro, Co. Longford have very good prices on some of the best smokeless coals:

Calco Super Mix 40kg €15.00; (and I guess €340 a tonne)
Arigna Cosy Glo 40kg €15.00; €340.00 per tonne
Arigna Eco Brite 40kg €15.50; 20kg €8.00; €350.00 per tonne

A Metric Tonne is 1000Kgs or 25 by 40Kg Bags. That means, if you buy a tonne, Cozy Glo is coming to you at only €13.60 a bag - believe me, that's a good price.


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