Monday, September 10, 2012

World Wind Energy


Enuf Puff

A recent report, based on some complex modelling and a bunch of surveys, suggests that in fact the Earth has indeed got more than enough puff to power all the current energy needs of the world and the increased needs of the immediate foreseeable future. 

Additionally, it indicates that by developing technology to utilise the higher atmospheric winds, there would be more than sufficient energy available to cover all future projected needs.

It addresses the wind drag effect and the possible effects on climate, and suggests here that at the current level of energy demands the effects would be insignificant. High concentrations of turbines in clusters may cause more localised atmospheric anomalies, but if attention was paid to more even distribution, there would not be any problems.

This report would seem to contradict some current thinking. However, the problems with a wind energy future may not be the lack of global kinetic wind energy, rather progress will be limited by human inertia, stagnating politics, and lack of investment, coupled with the slow development of technology and the lack of sufficient materials.

Humanity need to get it's collective act together - but that might be like saying we should call the fairy godmother.


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