Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Futurum Historia Thorium, Uranium et Plutonium


Will Thorium Feature
in the Future History
of World Energy?

I have been reading up a little bit about a nuclear fuel which is purported to be:

1.  Intrinsically safe in terms of meltdown.
2.  Fractionally the cost of Uranium or Plutonium.
3.  Widely available.
3. Much safer in terms of toxic waste.
4. The short term answer to an imminent energy crisis.

The fuel is Thorium, an element widely present in the soil, and in its natural form, it is not considered highly dangerous, and certainly not in the same league as Uranium.

I am currently reading a book called "Super Fuel" by Richard Martin just published by Macmillan, which has some interesting insights into the fuel.

I have also come upon information on a new type of "mini" Thorium reactor that purportedly can be used in any backyard, so to speak.

I will be writing about Thorium in the coming weeks.


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