Monday, June 25, 2012

Cool Roofs - Gas and Electricity Price Increases


Painting a Roof White 
in Warm Countries 
Saves Substantial Energy

In the US several states are signing into law a statute which decrees that the roofs of all new buildings must have a coat of reflective paint.

Many existing homes and business premises are also having a whitewash job done on the roof. Just look at the photo above and you will see a whole neighbourhood is whitewashing.

Mayor Michael Nutter Philadelphia signs cool roof bill into law. 

The Mayor of Philadelphia is a "nutter" only in name - Mayor Michael Nutter seen signing the whitewash rule into law.

Incentive to Save Energy

When power prices go up, people get more inventive in ways to save energy. A simple coating of reflective paint on a roof in hot climates, can save hundreds of dollars in electricity used in air conditioners. By reflecting away a high percentage of the suns rays, the roof structure can stay substantially cooler, and consequently the rest of the building.

Simple ideas to save energy are usually the best. Talking about saving energy, Irish consumers will have added incentive to save energy, as both gas and electricity prices are set to increase. This is in the face of the fact that oil prices have reached a two year low. The old Rip-Off factor is cutting-in again I fear.


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