Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wind Lens Turbines Another Look


Wind Lens Turbine Design

The way to go?

The more I read about the "wind lens" turbine design, the more convinced I become that this is not a "snake oil" deal like EEstor and their "vapour ware" super battery.

There is some serious research going on and this research has been published. The research and the researchers do not have the smell of investment hunters or snake oil merchants about them. Snake oil and vapour-ware merchants keep their cards VERY close to their chests - they work with all of the tricks of a stage magician. The people working with wind lens design are very different. It would not take rocket science or much of a lab to test the theory in any case.

Some fair sized upscaling of the design is now taking place. The brim could also keep the "BATTY" people happy, as a net could be stretched over it thus saving wildlife from becoming sushi!!


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