Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Austerity Poverty Anger & the EU Fiscal Treaty


Anger Blinds Reason
The Irish People are Very Angry
Hurting in the Harsh Economic Climate
They cannot take more cuts and austerity

The Irish League of Credit Unions recently carried out a survey which clearly outlined the level of poverty affecting Ireland since the austerity programme was introduced..

Because the situation is so negative the Irish League of Credit Unions have commissioned a quarterly survey to monitor the situation.

Here is an outline of the first survey findings:

(1) Half a million people 500,000 Irish citizens have no money left at the end of each month.

(2) 1.60 million have only €100 left each month after paying for essentials And they wonder why business' are struggling!!

(3)  Disposable income is  continuing to fall, and that is perhaps the most worrying finding. Where is the "tipping point" the point of no return?

(4) 51% of the population have experienced a fall in their disposable income in the space of just 6 months.

(5) 45% have problems keeping up with car payments.

(6) 40% of people have switched insurance companies to try and save some money.

(7) 20% are switching to a smaller car to save money

(8) 7% are thinking of giving up driving altogether as it is too expensive.

Add to the above findings the MASSIVE swing to solid fuel heating because of Carbon Tax and VAT, to try and save some money. And the fact that so many have to make the decision to Eat or Heat with Fuel Poverty pushing towards 50%!!.

The recent increases in Carbon Tax, the VAT rate, the Household Charge and other proposed charges or Poll Taxes, the massive impact on petrol and fuel prices, coupled with an increase in Road Tax affecting the take home pay of workers, all conspire to directly deepen the harshness and depression of the situation. 

I will vote YES in the EU Treaty

In this harsh and depressing economic climate, the Irish Government is asking the people to vote for more fiscal changes in the form of the EU Fiscal Compact Treaty.

I am personally in favour of this amendment but so many people, who are hurting very badly in the current economic harshness, will simply tend to lash out in anger and vote NO - just to put one-up to those they perceive as their tormentors.


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