Wednesday, April 18, 2012

IMF Ireland and Cow Puckie


Funk Off IMF
Are You Codding us?

The IMF have issued a statement that said that Ireland's and Portugal's financial "adjustment programmes have placed the burden of adjustment on the better off". - OMG What a complete and massive load of Cow Puckie that statement represents, at least in Ireland's case.

The richest in Ireland are some 10% better off with these adjustments having taken place, and the poorest are some 25% worse off - with these "adjustments".

The poor have taken huge cuts both in their income and in services, and some 20% of Irish children experience hunger, while on the other hand, the government people have taken a lousy little 15% cut in average salaries of €150,000 and no cut in their immoral, unjustifiable, and massive expense accounts.  They are so removed from the ordinary people they probably believe the IMF bullshine. Evidently the IMF people either have their eyes tightly shut while spouting their rhetoric, or they simply lack the ability to add up numbers.

The poor are paying a huge price, and the country is on the verge of a Celtic spring, or at least large scale civil disobedience, while Nero fiddled - while these IMF gobshites spout out this sewage!!

I will need to have my blood pressure checked!!


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