Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Citizens - Legislature - Judiciary Expenses and Allowances


Justice, Fairness 
and Balance in Ireland.

Currently there is a debate going on in Ireland about the much hated "Household Charge" or Poll Tax. The Minister for Justice has said that it is a "Fair and Just" tax.

I would have to very strongly disagree with the Minister, and it would seem that more than half of the citizens feel the same way. There is IMHO no equity or justice in the tax, nor in many other aspects of the way in which the country operates..

My mother had a saying that "there is one law for the rich, and another for the poor". It would seem today that Ireland is a sharply defined two-tier country. Those running the country live in a rarefied insulated atmosphere and simply do not appreciate what it is like to live as a bottom feeder in society. One can almost hear them say; "let them eat cake"

A Deputy in the Dail (Irish Parliament) can claim 60cents, and more, per Kilometer in actual expenses. Judges, it would seem, can and do - do the same. Joe and Sheila Citizen cannot however even make an income tax deduction for the costs of getting to and from work despite the fact that the cost of this essential travel has increased some 50% in the last few years.

My mother had another saying; "Don't do as I do - but do as I tell you". How fair and just is this society today?


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