Friday, March 09, 2012

Household Charge Poll Tax almost 90% have NOT paid


Hanging and Public Flogging
for those who don't pay
The Household Charge
By Order of the Irish Government 

My readers will well know my extreme disdain for the Irish Poll Tax. My hatred of it can be boiled down to two aspects:. (1) It is inequitable as it treats the millionaire and the pauper in the same way. (2) The Government approach is thuggish - pay up or else is the tone.

It is interesting to note that some 3 weeks from the deadline almost 90% of people have not paid.

I was reading a piece written by Amy Wall on just now where she comments on the Poll Tax and gives a link to a cartoon which she says reminds her somewhat of the government attitude.

Here is that link - which I must say resonated, in a humorous but very black way, also with my perception of this sad saga:

The article by Amy Wall on can be read here:


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