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Bargain Price Multi-Fuel Stoves


How about a 
6Kw Cast Iron Stove 
for €215?

A Dublin based business called offers Chinese made cast iron stoves at some very good prices indeed.

Their price list below is as published on DoneDeal: Prices are based on collection from Blanchardstown or Co. Clare.  Or alternatively you can pay for next day delivery to your door for just €25.

I am just going to concentrate on one model in this exercise. It is the 6Kw JA 013 stove, which would be a very popular size in Ireland for the average room. The big question when you see a price that low at €215 - while similar stoves average out at around €400+ in Ireland is, can it be any good, what kind of quality do you get?

What do you get for half the money?

I have made the effort to find the Chinese Foundry and ask them direct questions about the quality of casting and the suitability specifically of the 6Kw stove for general use in Ireland.

I contacted Kevin Lee the sales manager of the company in China, who came back immediately with straight and clear answers to my questions. The company who make the stove is:.

Xuzhou Sunrain Foundry Co Ltd
CHINA.  PC:221000

I asked (1) If the 6Kw stove was suitable for Multi-Fuel use, and (2) If the grates and baffles were in high chromium cast iron

The answers were clear, (1) Yes the stove is suitable for multi-fuel use, and (2) The grates are cast in Grey Iron 150. (which is a high quality cast iron but does NOT contain added high chromium levels).

So is this stove Good for the money?

The 013 model 6Kw stove

Only one Irish company have confirmed to me that they have independently tested high levels of chromium in their grate and baffle castings, that is Blacksmith. I own a Blacksmith Anvil and it is now 2 years in use and it is still like new. The current price of the Blacksmith Anvil is €450 over twice the price of the Stove Deals similar 6Kw stove.

The Stove Deals model  013 6Kw stove may not have high chromium castings but if you were to buy a spare grate and a spare baffle at the time of purchase, you could reasonably expect to get at least a similar life span to the Blacksmith.

So I contacted Stove Deals and asked about the guarantee and cost of spares, here is the reply:

"All our stoves come with a 12 month guarantee, furthermore if you buy a stove off us your rights as a consumer are the same as any other shop, that the goods need to be of proper quality etc.

We supply spare parts but really only to people who buy from us, we don't get asked for many spare parts.

Glass (across the range of stoves) would be about €25-€50, grates about €20-€40, and baffle plates about €20-€30. I hope this answers your questions.
Thanks" - Dave.

Thank you Dave. So take the basic price of  €215 and add in a spare set of castings, a grate at say €35 and a baffle at €25. Now you are set up for a good many years before you have to worry. The total cost €275!!

The rest of the stove looks to have basic but good design features, rotary air control, secondary air control, decent door hinges, a separate a door for ash removal - means you don't have to get a sun tan while removing the ash or leave smoke around the room by opening the main door.

For a stove and a spare set of castings - €275 seems really good. I think ordering a spare set of castings at the time of buying the stove is a very good idea.

 Is there anyone out there who has this stove?? If you own one like this I would really appreciate hearing your opinion on its quality and performance.

The Full Price list form Stove Deals

Their flue pipe and bends are a good price also, it would be worth checking these out if you were ordering.

6kW stove  Model 013 €215 580H, 440W, 320D
9kW Arch door stove 550W, 620H, 400D €285
12kW double door stove €319 615H, 640W, 355Deep
12kW double door with boiler €450
4kW stove €185 535H, 375W, 260Deep - Fits a standard 16" opening.
7kW baker stove €239
7kW with separate ash door €259
8kW boiler stove €400
3-4kW Pot Belly Stove €140
16kW boiler €650
16kW non boiler €530
Insert stove €279

90 Bend €30

Made in China

The Chinese Factory where the 013 6Kw stove and others are made:

Xuzhou Sunrain Foundry Co Ltd
CHINA.  PC:221000

Contact for StoveDeals:


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