Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Saving on Winter Fuels Smokeless Coal


 Calco Smokeless Coal

Smokeless Coal
at a really GOOD price

I have decided this winter to hold off on buying Heating Oil because the price is just horrific - 20% dearer that up the North - due to Irish taxes.

Instead, I am using smokeless coal in my stove and in my back boiler and fire door fireplace. So far, I am very pleased with the results.

Bord na Mona is charging €18.50 per 40Kg bag for the "Cozy Glow" smokeless. This is a good quality non-flame type of smokeless "briquette" type coal, but the price is very high indeed.

So I went on the hunt for an alternative and I eventually found a coal that works well in my stove and modified fireplace. The supplier I found is in Tralee. This smokeless coal is almost 25% cheaper than the Bord na Mona coal and it gives me results just about as good as the Cozyglo.

I have kept my fire burning overnight and the house toasty warm on this coal. The coal burns really well in stoves and is not too difficult to light. It is called Calco Smokeless and is a mixture of briquettes and nuggets. (see the photo above taken in my back yard)

If you buy three bags or more at a time you will get it for just €14 per 40Kg bag. So are you are asking me where is this bargain to be had??

The small privately owned business is located in Tralee. They will deliver in the Tralee area free of charge. If you are outside the town you will have to collect. I am all for small enterprises and therefore very happy to give these guys a go.

Here are the contact details.

Econ Fuels
Monavalley Industrial Estate
(just off the "Fat Mile" and
opposite DPL builders suppliers)


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Unacastle said...

Hi. I'm in Navan and we have a Waterford Stanley stove. We find this Calco great ( I didn't realise it was smokeless, I thought it was called 'anthracite' -don't know where I got that idea) Anyway, we are paying 21.80 per bag so your price of 14 per bag is terrific. Such a pity so far away. If you hear of such a good deal else where would be great to know. Thanks Oonagh