Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Economic and Social Order Sustainability


No one will deny that there is a multi-faceted world-wide crisis happening. The financial situation is generally the focus of blame. However I believe it is far deeper than mere economic problems.

Belief, trust, a positive outlook, and a willingness to co-operate and share are, IMHO, at the very core of the problems.

Politicians and bankers head the list of the least trusted people on the planet. Yet, they are the ones controlling the situation. What does that tell you? Jungle laws apply - the big and the powerful take it all and only the scraps are fought over by the rest.

In Ireland, it seems that when things get tough and the people lose hope - the Irish get pissed. Reports just out indicate that there has been a 42% increase in alcohol and substance abuse in just 5 years since the last figures in 2005.

That is just frightening, especially when the fall-out implication are considered. Family life and children will take the biggest hit, leading to increased social problems in the future. But the Irish economy will also suffer through lost work days and increased medical and social service requirements. And of course the Irish reputation as a nation of drunks will suffer yet further.

What is this post about? I am just airing my ruminations and worries for the immediate future.  Interesting, highly volatile, and scary times we are living in!!


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