Friday, July 15, 2011

Low Cost LED Bulbs Update


An Update
on my LED Lamps

I have written fairly extensively on my experience with cheap Chinese LED bulbs. My first experiences were all very disappointing, to the point where I had given up on that avenue. More recently, call me a sucker if you want, I was tempted to try again.

This time I was very pleased with the quality and quantity of light from the newer GU10 and MR16 type bulbs on offer. However, about 1 in 4 of the bulbs blew.

With a bit of poking and experimenting, I found that many of the bulbs did not have the LED "star" properly mounted to the heat sink fins - they were lacking heat sink compound. Therefore, these LEDs tended to overheat and burn out.

I then, sucker that I am, bought some more of these bulbs, and this time checked every one of them for heatsink bonding before I used them.

Now the good news, all of this batch of LEDs are still working 100% and I have them burning every day from 8.30 am till midnight or later. They have been burning like this for over 4 months now., so they have 2000+ hours up and all is well so far!!

Repairing LED bulbs

I have been having some fun lately in my efforts to repair some of the dud LEDs I have accumulated. I will write this one up soon.

The Latest 6 watt LEDs

I have also just ordered some of the very latest 6watt MR16 and GU10 LEDs with a rating of 490 lumen. I will be looking at these and giving them a rating of sorts in the next month or so.

If you are interested in LED lighting, keep a look out here.


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