Friday, July 22, 2011

LED bulbs and Repairing PART 3


Two New
6 Watt LED Bulbs

Two New 6 watt GU10 LEDs Left one is more expensive and less light output

Got my new LED bulbs in the post this morning. Two flavours - if you like - of the same type of bulb. Both types are 3 x 2 watt diodes giving 6 watts in total, fitted into a GU10 package.

Externally, the only real difference is in the Heatsink design, the golden one on the left has a somewhat prettier shape about it in my opinion.

1st observation - the silver coloured LED has the lens retaining ring loose on it. This is the circular piece of metal holding the plastic lens against the LED diodes, and in turn it holds the Star or LED diode mounting plate firmly against the heatsink. If the ring is loose, (1) The lens will not be efficiently held in place, and (2) The mounting disc can come away for full contact with the heatsink and thus lead to overheating of the LED diodes. And as discussed, heat is the great enemy of LEDs.

Simple comparison of Light Output

New 6 watt (Gold) LED on the left - An older  5 watt on right

In the above photo, I have put the two LEDs shining on a mat white wall. The window below has morning sunlight showing - so you get a fair colour comparison to the "warm white" light of these LEDs.

On the left side is the new 6 watt gold coloured and more expensive of the two types of LED, and on the right you have the light from a 5 watt LED I have had for some time. I would say the 5 watt LED wins out in terms of brightness - not by a lot but it definitely has a tad more light output.

The 2 New 6watt LEDs compared Left the Golden one and Right silver

Next we have a direct comparison between the two types of 6 watt LED bulbs. The same "gold coloured" and more expensive LED is still on the left, while on the right we have the other 6 watt LED silver coloured and less expensive.

What would you say? The silver LED has a much more yellow light closer to incandescent bulbs - AND it has IMHO a bit more light output as well. So if you are thinking of buying these LED bulbs, save yourself a few dollars and get the  silver coloured ones - BUT be sure to tighten up the lens retaining rings BEFORE you use them.

More on LEDs and repairing them to come soon.


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