Friday, June 10, 2011

FlueCube Addendum


An Invitation to FlueCube

Following up on the last posting, I have sent FlueCube a letter and invitation to rebut my somewhat harsh criticisms.

Hi Guys,

I write a blog on Sustainable Energy as a hobby and through my concern
for a sustainable future.  One of my readers sent me a comment and
heads-up on your cowl.

I searched your website for some core scientific and technical
information along with diagrams etc explaining exactly how each aspect
of your claims works I failed to find anything much except a lot of
loose descriptions, and some performance claims which I find a bit

I have written a Blog Post based on the information you have published
and on my own knowledge of combustion.

I am afraid it is not very complementary.

So that is why I am writing to give you an invitation to refute my
criticisms by providing specific technical facts and details of
operating principles, along with copies of independent test results to
support your claims.

I will be most happy to publish a refutation, along with an apology
for my harsh criticisms, if you can send me information backed with
hard scientific details and test results.

I look forward to hearing from you.

My Regards,



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