Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Electricity Saver Boxes


Do Electricity Saving Boxes 
Really Work?

You must have seen the adverts about these energy saving boxes, or maybe you have seen the boxes in a friends house.

The adverts usually claim that these electricity saving boxes, costing around €20 - €30 or thereabouts, can preserve your appliances from damage and cut your electricity bills by 10% or more.

So how can a little plug-in box do all of that??  The answer is  - it cannot in any realistic sense save you money on your electricity bill.

Can these little boxes prevent your washing machine burning out in a "brown-out"?  IMHO no way possible. Can the boxes prevent damage in large energy surges?  I don't think so!!

If you are offered one of these little "Miracle Boxes", I would say save your €20 and put it towards your energy bill - that way you will experience REAL savings!!

How do you really get genuine energy saving??  I will write a post on some related ideas soon.


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