Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hot Air Battery?


Carbon Fluoride Battery
More Important Invention
than the Jet-Engine???

In 1980, Prof. Rachid Yazami of the French National Centre of Scientific Research in Grenoble, France, invented lithium-graphite anode technology, the same technology which forms the basis of all lithium-ion batteries used today in laptop computers, cars, and cell phones etc. Good CV you might say?

In 2008, Prof. Yazami and a colleague Prof. Grubbs were rumoured to have invented a carbon-fluoride battery so ahead of its time that it would completely revolutionize the idea of what a battery is. The discovery was mooted as being so advanced that it could rival the jet engine’s importance in science history.  Professors Yazami and Grubbs started a company called CFX Battery in Azsua, California.   CFX Battery is now called Contour Energy Systems.

Where are the Super Batteries?

Three years of development!!  - - So where is this revolutionary CFX carbon fluoride battery? 
I guess it is in the same place as EEstor’s super battery, and Ecolocap’s super duper battery, and Fluidic-Energy’s special battery.

Hot Air Battery??

It makes me wonder what is really happening here - is this all an illusion?


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