Monday, January 24, 2011

Blacksmith Solid Fuel Stove review


Blacksmith Solid Fuel Stove

As a wrap up on my Blacksmith Anvil solid fuel stove review, I made it my business to contact the manufacturers.

I learned from them that the grates are a high chromium metal and have a very high resistance to heat. According to the makers, this makes them suitable for the constant high temperatures associated with smokeless coals.

In my correspondence with Blacksmith Stoves, I asked for a spare parts price list no less than 5 times. Eventually - I was told that they do not publish a price list of parts and to contact the retailers.

I neglected to mention in my previous posts that the stoves come in both a matt or enamel finish. The enamel is a lot more expensive and offers just one advantage that I can see, they are easier to clean. Enamel though, as it ages and with constant heat shock, eventually does chip, craze and flake off.

Where I bought my stove. 

I bought my stove from McElligotts Hardware in Castleisland County Kerry about a year ago and paid just €400 at the time. This I consider a very good bargain indeed. In the last couple of days, I rang McElligotts to enquire about the cost of spare parts. I received some very helpful advice and information.

1.    I was told that in some 4+ years of selling the Blacksmith stove, they, McElligotts never once had to order a replacement set of grates.

2.    The front glass from the manufacturer costs approximately €75. However, if you were to contact a glass supplier with the EXACT measurements, you would get this glass for perhaps half that price.

3.    The newer version of the “Anvil” has the “vermiculite” back brick replaced with a cast-iron piece.

4.    The cost of the “Anvil” stove has now gone up to €450 from McElligotts - still a very good price.

5.    McElligotts also most helpfully told me that replacing the firebricks is really no problem with generic firebrick - you just have to have someone cut it properly to size and then seal well the joints with fire cement.

6.    I did not get a price for replacement grates - I will again endeavour to get this nailed down.

7.    McElligotts told me they have replaced flue baffles which tend to warp with heat.

I must say that Blacksmith were not as forthcoming on information as I might have hoped. On the other side, McElligotts of Castleisland were very helpful indeed and I recommend them personally as helpful and responsible retailers.


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Remodelled said...

Hi there,
I am currently searching for a small stove for kitchen to replace open fire. I have looked at a few makes from the well known to the not so well known. I really would appreciate a any feedback from your "Blacksmith Anvil" stove , since you published this blog in January 2011.
I've heard a few mixed reviews about them so your input would help.
Many thanks