Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Zero Cost + Painless 2% Energy Saving


We Can Save 2% of Energy
by simply
Stopping Food Wastage

I was taught as a child that to waste food was a sin before God, and additionally it was an insult to the hungry people of the world. In Ireland we waste hundreds of tons of food every day. Every household dumps loads of good food. Eateries dump tons of unused food every day. Supermarkets discard perfectly good food when the date is not to EU liking.

A scientific study in the USA has shown a painless way of saving 2% of the entire energy of the US. A saving of approximately 350 million barrels of oil each and every year. All of that energy saving can be made without spending a single dollar. The magic formula: Stop wasting food.

1.4 billion barrels of oil go into food production, packaging and distribution each year. The study found that somewhere between 8% and 16% of national energy consumption went into food in 2007.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimate that 27% of food is wasted each year. Doing the maths, that represents approximately 2% US annual energy consumption.

In our fat and rich part of the world, we have sinned greatly before God by our wasteful ways, and daily we insult the third world with our arrogant food orgy.


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