Friday, October 15, 2010

SEAI and More Wood Pellet Woes


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Spitting in the Wind - it just comes back at you!

Marese has left a new comment on your post "Wood Pellet Heating Rip-Off in Ireland":

We have a ProSolar Fireline pellet boiler which needs mending....but the company which installed it two years ago is gone bust....The problem is this is an expensive piece of machinery and we don't know how to find a properly qualified serviceman to repair it here in Co. the moment it is looking like a white elephant an expensive one! Any advice welcomed. M.F.

Marese - I can only sympathise with you. There are many many more like you. SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland) encouraged all sorts of weird and wonderful business' to start up in the hope of cashing-in on the generous grant schemes they offered.

However, having set this snowball in motion down the hill, SEAI then made no provision whatsoever to see to the customers needs in terms of value or quality, and have thereby left a great many people hanging out to dry.

Have you written to Ministers Eamonn Ryan and John Gormley or to SEAI for help or advice, or made a complaint at the total lack of regulation or control of an industry they sparked in their wisdom?

I have no knowledge of the law, but I suspect that a case could be made to gain some sort of help or compensation from the government agencies in this type of case. Do you have any lawyers in the family?

I have been singing from this same hymn sheet about SEAI abandoning the people they recruited to their schemes for 4 years now, and I might as well be spitting in the wind!!!


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Marese said...

Hi Tony,
Thanks for your reply. I did phone SEI and was told that I needed to talk to a different section and so the Merry Go Round started which ended up back at the start with the first person I spoke to. Each time I explained the situation and requested a contact for a suitable serviceman and on the last contact they said to leave it with them and they would get back to me......still waiting and don't expect to hear from them at all. Like you said high and dry! Yes I will get in touch with both Green Ministers as you suggested but I fully expect the same useless response...nothing! Thanks anyway and I hope more people in Ireland wise up and start fighting for our rights because nobody else will. MF