Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Zenn and the Art of Electric Car Making


and the

Art of Electric Car Making

Ian Clifford is the founder and chief executive of Toronto-based ZENN Motor Company Inc. formerly Feel Good Cars.

ZENN Motors is said to hold a minority stake in EEstor. Zenn Motors future is now set to sink or swim on one single factor – the delivery, within 2 months, of a viable ultracapacitor storage unit by EEstor. The word on the wires is that ZENN is expected to lose some $9 million or six times its $1.5 million or so annual turnover.

Ian Clifford at the Zenn Plant

ZENN recently decided to move away from making cars and instead it would put its energies into developing an EEStor ultracapacitor based electric drive train called ZENNergy. The idea is to sell it to other car makers worldwide.

Now that would be just darn tootin dandy if the EEstor battery / ultracapacitor thing-a-me-bob actually works.

Here we have an electric car manufacturer in deep financial manure basing its entire survival on a very very long shot from a company which has played its cards so close to its chest that you couldn’t get a rat’s squeak in.

Question is, would you invest your life’s savings in either of these two companies??


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