Saturday, October 24, 2009

Holy Grail Ultracapacitor nearer the real World


EEstor about to announce
a viable

The whispers are out on the WWW that EEstor are about to test a viable ultracapacitor. This is close enough to the "holy grail" for electric car manufacturers.

Current Electric Cars are little more than a Joke!

The only thing that is holding back the all electric car is the development of a viable battery or some other high capacity energy storage unit. All of the batteries developed to date have been various combinations of the following; expensive, bulky, heavy, slow to recharge, short-lived, dangerous, or just plain useless.

An ultracapacitor on the other hand can be charged in minutes rather than hours. it can give out its power in greats blasts for fast acceleration. It can be charged and re-charged many many thousands of times - unlike chemical batteries. However, up till now, an ultracapacitor could not hold a sufficient amount of power.

An Electric Car Battery that can outlast the Car!!

The new breed of ultracapacitor, using nanotechnology, will have a capacity tens of times greater than the current types. They can be charged while having a coffee at a filling station, instead of 6 or 8 hours with current technology!

They will also be relatively cheap and light, they will not have a tendency to heat up, go on fire, or to explode, and they can outlast the life of the car!!!!

Is this just another scam? Or is the ultracapacitor really on its way to the stores??


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