Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Spirit of Ireland Proposal


Spirit of Ireland

In four of my very recent posts I have featured the "Spirit of Ireland" Wind-Hydro proposal. It is a proposal that has caught my imagination and that of many others. It has also sparked some questions and concerns some of which I have published. The following letter was posted as a comment to one of my posts by Graham O'Donnell the "Spirit of Ireland" project initiator. Graham O'Donnell has invested both his time and money into developing this idea. I personally hope this project prospers, and that all the questions and concerns can be fully addressed.

I think Graham O'Donnell's voice deserves a full posting and I have therefore copied his comments below:


Thanks for your thoughts. All of the points you make have merit.

The technical approach is simple. The scale is significant. I took the decision to be bold with the launch because I believe our incremental approach in Ireland often leads up to do nothing except talk. It may be no different here. In the meanwhile we are working through a very detailed technical and fiscal plan with considerable local consultation. Over the next few months the real possibilities of this project will emerge. Thank you for your comments.

Kindest regards,

Graham O'Donnell.


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