Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Good the LED and the Ugly comment


LED v/s Halogen
A Comment

I just received a timely, interesting and informative comment on an earlier post about LEDs v/s Halogen from "Dong" who does not identify him/herself. (I wonder if that by any chance is Ding's brother) - (sorry about that - I just couldn't resist it)

I decided that the comment is worthy of a full posting so here it is:


Well, judging from the way it is, I must confess I was once also mislead into believing that a 3 or 5 or 7 Watt LED MR16 can replace a 50Watt Halogen. There is no way possible!

However, it strikes an interest to me, as I go on deeper into the technical world of LED lighting. First, we must understand that manufacturer’s claims on their LED products are totally not 100% accurate, and some are in fact way too misleading. From my understanding, the higher Wattage does not make the LED any brighter nor efficiency.

In LED, we must refer to the lumens per watt (lm/W), and currently CREE has the commercially highest rated lm in the market, 100lm/Watt. Thus a one Watt CREE LED can be brighter compared to the 5Watt Taiwan made or china made LED, which most probably managed 50-70lm/W. I have therefore bought some 3Watt CREE LED MR16, and true enough, they are bright enough to really replace a 20Watt Halogen, and it will be a matter of time before they can replace a 35Watt halogen.

With regards to replacing a 50Watt Halogen MR16 with LED, as far as I understand, there is only one company that have actually produce a LED in the form of dichloric MR16, and REALLY pumping in lumens that matched the 50Watt Halogen! I personally tested it, and I was really amazed by it. The unique design, with their proprietary optic lens that equals the beam angle of 3 most common angle of the MR16 (20 Degree, 35 Degree and 60 Degree) definitely deserve my thumbs up.

This is by far, the brightest LED product I have ever lay my hands on, that can replace a 50Watt Halogen MR16. The simple features that allows us to do a one to one replacement without changing our existing fixtures, or doing any modification works to our ceiling, terming it simplicity at its best!

Dong did not say who the company are - I wonder???



Desy said...

Get back onto the subject of wood pellets Tony , I miss the fun :(

On the issue of LED > GU10 fitting 50w output substitution what is required is a Euro Labelling scheme .

Contact the DG for energy and DG for Consumer affairs in Brussels with a template




They answer their emails, in fairness :)

Ryan , apart from generating some unctous plámás from an underling about the 'attention of the minister ' will do absolutely nothing at all unless you come up with some way of fitting a GU10 LED on a bicycle for him .

We need labelling and standards from on high and a CE Mark of sorts .

Please tell the EU that SEI is a racket as well,

Desy said...

Ask the EU


Ryan will do nothing unless you can fit a GU10 50w LED on his bicycle for him

Kevan said...

There is an intersting aticle in the Economist Science section om March 19th. http://www.economist.com/science/displaystory.cfm?story_id=13315818

The phillips bulb it mentions is very good but at 45 sterling is only OK if you leave it in the outside street light for the next ten years. Details http://www.lighting.philips.com/gl_en/global_sites/lighting/master_led/index.php?main=gl_en_master_led&parent=0&id=gl_en_master_led&lang=en

Dong said...

Well, hello there. I'm in no way relate to the Ding guy which you mentioned. Do contact me via my email : dong12mail@yahoo.com.sg

I will be most pleased to share my experiences, and even show you the LED light bulbs that can match the 50Watt Halogens.