Tuesday, March 31, 2009

FireBird has New Wood Boiler


New Lump-Wood Gasification Boiler
from FireBird

FireBird Boilers in Ballymakeera Co Cork has just announced their new lump wood gasification boiler. I saw the prototype of this boiler when I visited the factory last year but promised not to disclose details until it was announced.

It is a fairly large boiler both in physical size and rating. It is rated at 35Kw about twice what the average modern insulated house now needs. The physical size of the boiler is 1300mm High x 1235mm deep, and having a width of 685mm.

While the boiler is itself quite large, it does require an insulated heat accumulation tank of some 1700 Litres, and that is a monster of a tank.

The boiler will not be really suitable for retro fitting in the average house as a replacement for an oil boiler. It would suit a house that has a large garage space or a very large boiler room.

I see the market for this boiler with farmers. Anyone who has a ready supply of timber would do well to consider this boiler provided that they can accommodate the very large size of the installation.

The boiler can handle large half metre long logs. It has a super high efficiency of 91% when properly installed and tuned!!! In most cases it requires very little tending. Cleaning of ash at most every 3 to 4 days and in many cases less than weekly.

A full load of logs burning at the very maximum output will last for 5 hours. In realistic settings this could be 2 to 3 time longer. The boiler can maintain the fire on glow for 12 hours.

The boiler is SEI approved - don't know yet what grants it might qualify for. I will get back with prices and further details in due course.

FireBird contact details:

Tel: 026-45253


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