Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Recession – Biomass – National Government


National Government

Ireland is staggering under the current global financial crisis. Thousands are losing their jobs and the country’s financial deficit is deepening rapidly.

The government are in crisis and appear to be suffering all the classical signs of shock. They are like rabbits caught in the headlights.

So – How to Save Money and Make Jobs?

Guys - Instead of poring money into the corrupt, dishonest, and greedy banking system - how about the idea of an “national government” issuing an emergency order requisitioning all fallow land in the country and starting a massive planting of willow and other biomass? Follow this with setting up say 150 small biomass fuel manufacturing, storage, and distribution facilities in every town land in the country.

In just two years time there will be the first crop of willow. This, when processed, will greatly cut the need for imported fuels.

In the meantime, the tilling, planting, and tending of the plantations will provide thousands of jobs. The building, installing, and operation of the treatment and manufacturing facilities will provide many more thousands of jobs. The distribution and sale of the bio fuels will give many more jobs again. The savings to the exchequer on imported fuels will help to balance the books.

and the really good part - this is a completely sustainable enterprise with benefits FAR - FAR into the future.

My tuppence worth. Thanks for listening.


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