Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Attic Insulation Grants Ireland part 2


Attic Insulation Grants.
What attic insulation grants?

The Ministers were mistaken!

There is NO attic insulation grant

The Ryan and Gormley attic insulation grant does not exist as such. It would appear that there is, in actual fact, NO ATTIC INSULATION GRANT at all.

According to the SEI information published on their website, there has to be a minimum grant amount claimed of €500. The attic grant is €250 so this means you would have to carry out at least one other project on your home, and pay two BER assessments in order to get a miserable attic grant.

The SEI system is again another complete arse-up. I personally would not waste my time with it. If all you require is a bit of attic insulation, go to HomeBase get the stuff at 50% off and either do it yourself or have someone do a nixer for you.


A simple and effective system to promote attic insulation could have been achieved by simply having a householder purchase the insulation materials from a bona fide dealer, then send in the receipts for a 50% money back grant. It would have been simple and easy for everyone. But OH NO!!! they had to make it complex and keep the "gombeen men" in the formula.

The "experts", the "advisers", and the "installers" are lining up to register at SEI and have a heyday.

I am greatly disappointed and disgusted with this idiotic attempt at promoting attic insulation. It is complex, it encourages money makers, and it is another insult to the people of Ireland.


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Mark said...

Hi Tony

I think part of the reason for this grant scheme in the first place is to generate some economic activity and employment in a time of crisis, with the view that energy efficiency is at least a worthwhile economic project in which to invest.

A grant for a DIY project (with materials sourced from your favourite UK chain Homebase! ) wouldn't fit the bill.