Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nano Carbon and Ultra Capacitors


"Graphine" the Answer

Ultra Capacitors?

Researchers at The University of Texas have been working on ultra-capacitors and recon that they have achieved a breakthrough. It involves the use of a carbon based nano material one-atom thick called "graphene".

The researchers think the new material could double the capacity of existing ultra capacitors. Now I don’t know if this statement about doubling the capacity includes the research I detailed in a previous post, where they have grown nano-fur on aluminium sheets greatly increasing the surface area, I doubt it somehow!!

Ultra Capacitor Post

The post was last March. Here is the link:

Graphine is Amazing!

Graphene has a surface area of some 2630 square meters per gram WOW!!! About the size of a football field could be covered with material weighing just 1/500th of a pound.

This ultra thin – ultra light material means much more capacitor or capacity per cubic centimetre.

Having large enough capacity and fast enough charging times in batteries and other storage methods for electricity are the ONLY two things standing in the way of efficient electric cars and storage for wind farms etc.

If they get the Ultra Capacitor right we will have electric cars with 1000Km range and the ability to recharge in 10 minutes rather than 10 hours.

We may be waiting a while yet to see that realised. It is advisable that you do not hold your breath while waiting!!!


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