Thursday, January 22, 2009

Are the Irish Greens Composting?


Green Light Not Burning
so Brightly

Is the Green Party is cracking up? Today it's only Dublin City councillor, Bronwen Maher, was the second Green politician to resign from the party inside of a week.

Her reasons are summed up by her statement "The important issues facing people today are the cost of living and protecting jobs. To be seen primarily promoting environmental issues, the role we are currently playing in Government, is making the party irrelevant and out of touch" .

It would be somewhat OK if the way in which the Green Party are supporting the environment were in touch with reality – but they most certainly are not. Many of the environmental “pushes” sound more like something coming from the loony left.

Green should mean Lean

Masses of money is being wasted by SEI and pushing expensive geothermal and wood pellet systems etc. to the very few people that can actually afford to install them. At the same time, simple and inexpensive measures like promoting CFL lamps, attic insulation in older homes, and fireplace doors for the million or so open fires currently burning in Ireland, (a measure that could reduce coal usage by half), are being essentially ignored.

While all this Who-Ha and money is being flung at pushing very costly hi-tech systems, there is at the same time no control of fuel prices, no understanding or acknowledgement of "Fuel Poverty" as a very real issue in Ireland today, and almost no understanding or input into the simple, cheap, and practical methods of cutting CO2.

Get real Greens!!!


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