Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Thank you to the Oil Sheiks and Barons


Thanks to the
Oil Sheiks & Barons

At the moment oil prices are rising faster than a hot air balloon. It is getting quite hard to keep up with the frenetic escalation in the price. There seems to be percentage point increases almost daily.

Disaster or Blessing?

Is this a disaster? Or is there a hidden blessing in this pricing madness? I believe that the oil companies or the oil sheiks or whoever or whatever is driving up the price, is actually serving the world and energy future quite well in the long run.

The major benefit I can immediately see coming from the price madness is that it is making people and governments keenly aware of the energy crisis and is thus promoting investment in the renewable alternatives. The investments worldwide in sustainable energy projects have risen almost as steeply as the price of oil.

Oil Addiction

It is a timely wake up call and it will IMHO serve the world well by helping to break the oil addiction and the denial that accompanies all addictions and addicts.


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