Sunday, May 11, 2008

Kerry gets New Wind Farm


New Enercon Wind Farm
for Tralee

Tralee in County Kerry is currently having an Enercon wind farm built. It is situated just behind the Kerry County Council, North Kerry Landfill Site at Muingnaminnane, Kielduff, Tralee. Co. Kerry.

Enercon E48 Note the Blade-Tip and Trailing Edge

The turbines being installed at the site are the Enercon E48 wind turbine which has a smallish rated power of 800 kW and a sophisticated rotor blade design, the E-48 wind turbine, according to Enercon, is the most profitable system within its class.

The E48 Nacelle. You can just see the E-48 mark

The rotor diameter, as the E48 name suggests is 48 m or just over 157 feet. The hub centre to blade tip is just over 24 meters or 78 feet. The hub height can vary, according to site needs, from 50 to 76 meters; I don’t know what heights are being used in Tralee.

The turbine uses the same type of direct drive gearless annular generator as the larger Enercon units that I have been writing about. It also utilises variable speed and variable blade pitch control. The speed of rotation can vary from 16 to 30 rmp.

The blade is made from fibreglass and has integrated lightning protection. The E48 uses a high wind cut-out system at wind speed of between 28 - 34 m/s.

Good luck to the new wind farm. I am a litttle disappointed though not to have encountered the E126, though I guess that size of turbine would be more suited to more open mountain sites like Kilgarvan.


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