Wednesday, February 17, 2016

General Election and State of Irish Politics


What is the State of Ireland's Politics

A Painting by Shameus O'Conman

With an general election coming up in literally days, and the spin machines fully oiled and rolling, I wonder where this election is going to take the Irish Nation.

A survey in the not too distant past indicated that politicians are one of the least trusted profession in Ireland. 

I find it very strange and I wonder why the Irish public don't trust the very people they themselves have elected as their representatives, and law makers?

The trust figures for the profession of politician were just staggering. It would seem that a huge 88% of Irish people said that they do not trust politicians. 

Would you take a job where 88% of those employing you did not trust you?

The question on my mind is will the people vote again for those they do not trust?


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