Thursday, May 01, 2014

In Memory of Charles Cros


Charles Cros

In memory of Charles Cros a sad genius, inventor and poet. 1842 - 1888 died at 45 years old. Inventor of the gramophone, colour photography etc. He never received credit for his most important inventions.

I have written previously about Charles Cros, a sad man who's genius was ignored in his time. He became a victim of absinthe and died in poverty.

Charles Cros somehow touches something in me, He is the kind of bloke, given the right chance in life, could have contributed so much to the world. I admire his genius, and am saddened by his ignominious and untimely end. By way of a small tribute to this man I have attempted, through some enhancement techniques on an old photograph, to let him gaze, with a little more clarity, through the mist of some 142 years into a world which might have appreciated more his genius, and punished less his failings. May he rest in peace.


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