Thursday, May 02, 2013

Prime Energy Solutions and Benekov Problems


A Benekov  Pellet Boiler

Another Unhappy 
Sustainable Energy Customer

This comment came in recently from Matthew Judge County Laois who is very unhappy with the service he has received on his Benekov boiler. I deleted an individuals name from his comment, and made one other edit, but otherwise it is as received. I give voice here to his complaint, and invite the dealers to answer it:

Prime Energy Solutions?? I bought a Benekov boiler from Prime Energy Solutions Co Cavan and from day one have had a lot of trouble with it. And whats worse is they ( Prime Energy Solutions ) don't seem to care. We were left without heating since Christmas day 2012 and still our boiler is not working. Prime Energy Solutions has been anything but helpful. So I would advise anyone to think twice before dealing with Prime Energy Solutions - Matthew Judge Co Laois on Benekov Prime

Matthew if you feel you have a clear case for lack of care, you might consider the Small Claims Courts, they are a great solution for the small guy in dispute with a big business. The registrars are very helpful and the cost is very small in making an entry.

I have long given up completely on pellet boilers - they are both too expensive and have yet to reach a design optimum.


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