Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Sustainability and the Cost of Medicine


Drillers or Gougers?

It's good old rip-off Ireland time again.  This time it is about MEDICINE.

Some 88% of Irish people say that they trust their doctors - but should they trust the Medical Profession generally? It would seem not!

A recent survey published by Avantis Health, who, it should be said,  have a vested interest because they promote overseas medicine,  indicates that up to 70% savings over Irish prices can be made by Irish people if they get the hell out of Ireland and have their Dental or Medical procedures elsewhere.

I personally can verify that it is no problem to save 50% on dental procedures - and that includes travel, accommodation etc.

The survey also showed that, even in Rip-Off Ireland, by carefully shopping around people can get 30% better prices.

So haggle with your dentist or physician, and shop around for medicines, the Internet has specialist chemists, several in the UK, and I can vouch the prices are much cheaper and the products a well known brands.. Do please make every effort to get the 70% savings - the more Irish people that go abroad for medical procedures, the greater incentive for Irish Medicine to get real, and to clean up it's act.


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