Thursday, April 22, 2010

SEAI Promotes Fireplace Doors


The Promotion of
Fireplace Doors
by the
Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland??

Almost two years ago I spoke, at some length, on the phone to a high ranking advisor at SEAI Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland about promoting fireplace doors as a viable, cheap, and effective way of increasing the nations energy efficiency, if not simply reducing fire related accidents.

The high-ranking SEAI consultant I spoke to practically dismissed the idea out of hand, offering several reasons why it couldn't or shouldn't be attempted, no reasons given why it might be looked at or tried in any sort of reasonable way!!!

I got the feeling that SEAI would much prefer to engage in hugely expensive multi-million Euro exercises promoting woodpellet heaters and geothermal units to the richer part of our society, rather than waste their time on piddling little exercises.

I was extremely frustrated by the stonewall response I received. It is partly the frustration that SEAI engendered, that has led me to have my own prototype fireplace door made. So thank you SEAI for helping me, yet again, - through your obduracy, lack of insight, and institutional self-serving attitude, to embark on another experimental sustainability exercise.

May Fools - June Fools- July Fools- August Fools- etc. !!!


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