Sunday, February 21, 2010

Your Country Your Call


The YCYC Roller Coaster is in Motion

Truth is, I am concerned that "Your Country Your Call" is already showing signs of structural problems. I am concerned because this is basically a worthy effort by worthy people, and I would like to see it succeed in the best possible way.

Here are my further concerns:

(a) Just a very short time into the opening of the site, there are almost 700 proposals currently posted. Within that 700 are several duplicates, many frivolous remark type proposals, and a few more serious efforts. How will the committee propose to give any serious consideration to the numbers likely to register?

(b) I, for one, would be most disinclined to spend my time and effort making a serious entry only to have it discarded with the possible tens of thousands that could appear in time. The organisers would do well to reconsider the method of proposal entry, right now it is starting to look like a bit of a joke.

(c) The blog on the YCYC site appears to be un-moderated and unattended. This again gives completely the wrong impression right from the start. IMHO, communication is of the essence and "the meaning of communication is the response it elicits" The site and the blog will quickly get out of hand if it is not properly managed.

(d) The hoohaa and horn blowing are now done; it is perhaps time for the organisers to consider a serious set of strategies to deal with the roller coaster they have set in motion?



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