Monday, November 23, 2009

Starstruck by Stirling


Sun Machine by SunMachine Germany

Stirling Fan Mail!

I received a very interesting email from Danny Mc Menamin pertaining to the Reverend Robert Stirling's wonderful engine. He is a fan of the Rev. Stirling's invention like myself. He has included some very informative links which you might like to take a look at.

The link that fascinated me the most is the commercial link to a small German company who are developing several new domestic CHP (combined heat and power) type machines, and who also have a mini Stirling sun machine in development.

I will detail what I believe is the most innovative one of SunMachine's developments in my next post. But here first is Danny letter and the links:

EMail from Danny Mc Menamin:

Good work with the blog. Like you I share a fascination with the Stirling engine. See:

Also interesting is the Thermo Acouustic Stirling Engine:

Danny Mc Menamin


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