Friday, September 25, 2009

Sustainable Home Economics in the Recession


Sustainable Home Economics

I am preparing a post specifically dealing with making savings in the home budget. What sparked this idea was a letter to a radio programme I am associated with on Radio Kerry. The letter expressed worry about making ends meet ofter the prime earner in a household was made redundant.

I will be looking at easy to implement ways of making immediate savings of up to €5000 per year in an average home. I will look at energy of course, such as how to save on electrical power, on heating and insulation, but I will also look at home cooking as a way of saving energy and saving a lot of money.

These will be my own views and suggestions, as always I am not claiming any authority or specialist knowledge.

I grew up in the post WW2 recession and was imbued with thrift from an early age. I will pass on some of my ideas for what they are worth.


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Ephrat said...

Brilliant! very much looking forward to reading your suggestions and implementing them, where possible.