Thursday, December 18, 2008

Benekov Blues Addendum


Benekov Blues - Follow-up

I had a follow-up letter to the post on Benekov problems. It would appear that the Benekov Ling50 in question was not sold through any authorised dealer, and that it made its way in the back door from eastern Europe. That would be OK for a private individual BUT in the case of a dealer it presents many future problems for customers in the shape of parts and service.

The "kosher" distributor - Prime Energy Solutions, may have a solution for this person. Here is the letter I received from Pat Gaffney of Prime Energy Solutions with a possible offer of help.

Hi Tony,

Just to let you know the Ling 50 is not sold in Ireland and have never installed a 50 k/W boiler in a domestic house so whoever posted this comment bought this boiler through an unauthorised dealer or is located in the UK.

I would appreciate if you would correct this or remove the unattributed comment. If the customer is in need of assistance we may be able to help him if we have the serial number of the machine or know where he purchased this machine. We offer a full back up service to all our machines and are the only authorised Benekov dealers in Ireland.


Pat Gaffney,

Prime Energy Solutions
Unit 10/11,
The Nestor Complex,
Monksland Industrial Estate,
Co Roscommon.
Tel: +353 (0)90 649 0642


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