Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gormley - New Minister for Hardship?


Gormley and "Experts"
Flogging a Dead Horse?

John Gormley has yet again introduced some more proposed anti-citizen measures constructed by “Experts” - these "new" measures are aimed at "reducing Ireland's greenhouse gas". emissions.

OMG - Here we are presented with yet another THICK as in FAT - 170-pages, and THICK, as in STUPID, document from the Dublin based “Expert” think-tankers - 60 of 'em, at the Institute of International and European Affairs (IIEA). I wonder how much per page this one cost us???

The "Report" suggests making life even more difficult for beleaguered motorists with fuel tax on already crazy prices and even more parking restrictions.

The new proposals include:

1. Upping the price of indispensable and essential fuels even further. It will soon be more viable to stay at home and draw the dole!!
2 Make parking even more of a nightmare by charging even more. Another reason to stay home!!!
3 Workplace parking levies and discounts to those using public transport – if there was public transport to use – where do these guys think we live?????
4 A GOOD SUGGESTION The immediate abolition of VRT and motor tax on all electric vehicles.
5 ONE OK SUGGESTION that all new buildings to be "carbon neutral" by 2020.

But What About?

Not having access to the actual "document" I don't know exactly what it does or doesn't contain, I am going on the current news headlines.

I would consider the following measures of prime importance and of immediate practical use in reducing carbon emissions and saving on imported fuel - but do they get a mention??
  • Does CFL and LED lighting get into the "expert" document?
  • Do attic insulation grants get a mention.
  • Micro-generation - grant aided and VAT free – is it in this tome?
  • Grant aided (and VAT free) installation of closed multi-fuel wood stoves and “fire fronts” do these practical measures get covered??
Experts? - give them a shovel!


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