Monday, August 11, 2008

Solid-state Super Battery


Super Battery

Just as I had written a post asking “ Are Electric Cars Obsolete?” A Texas company EEstor have announced to the world that they have come close to commercial production of its much talked about and highly secretive ultra capacitor-type energy storage system.

The word is that the EEstor battery (or whatever you would like to call it) would way out-perform the very best Lithium-Ion batteries in the market today. The EEstor battery would be capable of holding three times the charge, and also have the ability to be charged in only a few minutes. The fast charge bit sounds like ultra-capacitor all right.

Like other players in the super battery market, EEstor have been playing their cards extremely close to their chest. It has come as a bit of a surprise then that their founder and CEO Dick Weir announced that the company has succeeded in manufacturing the very high grade materials necessary to achieve their goals.

Solid State Battery?

EEStor call their battery system an “electrical energy storage unit” (EESU). It is reported to be a solid-state device which will be safer and longer lasting than existing batteries, and will have the ability to recharge in just minutes.

250 Mile Range Car with this Power Unit?

Already the word is that Zenn Motors of Toronto are developing an electric car based on the EEstor battery. The EESU-powered car will have a top speed of 80 miles per hour and a very useful 250 mile range.

Power Balancing for the Grid?

These EEStor super-batteries can also be made very large, like the huge "flow batteries" that I have written about several times, Plurion being one of them in the news. The super fast charge ability, and high capacity, plus an ability to work at high voltages, make the EEStor battery ideal for balancing power on the electricity grid. If it works.

Speculation about this super-battery is rife. Lets just wait and see shall we. I wish EEStor the best in their efforts.


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