Friday, January 04, 2008

Plurion Redox Battery Comment


An interesting comment has come in about the Plurion Ultra High Capacity Redox Battery. I have decided to publish this as a full article. (Ed.)

Blogger: Dr Know has left a new comment on "Questions about Plurion the Technology and the Company":

I helped assemble the first 1m^2 Plurion battery in California, and it is what it says on the package. I can confirm that the late great Peter Millington formerly of UMIST was a close collaborator on it. Its not unusual for a company in this type of market to submarine and beaver away quietly till the time is right, otherwise, EVERYONE will want to do it, patents be damned. and if you know about flow batteries - you know that its going to take about 3 more years or more to get over the regenisis bomb which, of you want to talk about cash burn rates, makes Plurion look like a drop in the ocean.

I think I know who wrote the last comment, I have seen his language style in the electrochemistry journal of the RSC, especially the "long and checkered past" part.

TUT TUT, I think this guy has some sort of personal agenda and will take ANY forum. Please don't take him too seriously, if you want to know how it works, call them (Plurion), they are in Glenrothes in Scotland, or check the patent office for reviewable docs (hint:there are lots of patent offices internationally, and the company did start in California.)

As for myself I have no axe to grind, I don't work there anymore, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there but had to move on to bigger things.

My thanks to Dr Know for the interesting input. I am sure that we have not heard the end of the story on this interesting technology.


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