Monday, May 14, 2007


CoolPower - Cool or Watt?
Solar Electricity

On the 7th May last I wrote to CoolPower, an Irish company offering a new type of highly efficient electric solar panel. I was interested in their claimed technology. I wanted to write up a piece for this blog. Here is the e-mail I sent to the company:

Hi - I have a Renewable Energy Blog going for 11 months. It has taken over 36,000 hits since I installed the counter about 10 months ago. Your company and product is of interest. I would like to do an informative piece on what you offer.

If you are interested please send me some photos of domestic retro-fits and control gear installation. And answer, as fully as possible, the following question for publication:

1. How much does say a 5Kw system cost in total. Incl. Gear, Labour, and maintenance contract for usable life?
2. What area square meters - would be needed for 5Kw output in hazy sunshine. Is it possible in the average domestic residence?
2. How much electricity - realistically - in a year does it produce.
3. How long is the system guaranteed for?
4. How much does a Kilowatt/Hour cost from your system - based on
(a) Total Cost of system.
(b) Guaranteed life of system.


Here, reproduced in full, is the reply I received:

End of reply.


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